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Undefeated Saison. When the last team loses, We all win!

In the summer of 1972, a certain football team began a campaign of perfection that no other organization had ever achieved – or has ever matched. This beer is made in honor of that achievement.

Brewed with grape musts and champagne yeast to give it a dry body, our Saison is balanced by just enough sweetness from the grape musts to remind you of 44 years of football perfection.

After this past weekend, it looks like there’s only one team left between us and the release of Undefeated Saison. Every year when the last pro team falls we send the Head Coach of the team that beat them two bottles of Undefeated Saison. One is for them to keep and enjoy as a hard-earned victory trophy and the other is for them to sign and return to us to add it to our undefeated graveyard. Last year Dan Quinn had the distinction of beating Carolina. We’re not sure who’ll beat the boys from Minnesota this year but here’s hoping it happens soon. Be sure to stay tuned on October 23rd to see if the Philadelphia Eagles can give Minnesota a run for their money.

Look for this year’s return of our beloved Saison at our taproom in 750ml bottles for $14 a bottle in the days following the last undefeated team’s loss.

Remember, when the last team loses we all win!