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Meet the Funkiest Hard Seltzer Ever

Brewed with cane sugar, agave and available in eight vibrant, natural flavors.

Step up your seltzer game!

Funky Buddha Seltzer artwork
Funky Buddha Seltzer artwork

Not your average seltzer

Unleash Your Funk

Each funkalicious can is made with premium ingredients and bold, bright flavors so you can unleash your funky spirit.

Funky Buddha Seltzer - Passionfruit Dragonfruit
Funky Buddha Seltzer - Mango Guava
Tropical Hard Seltzers

Tropical Flavors Mix Pack

Did Someone say ‘Tropical Funkcation?'

Take your taste buds on a whirlwind vacation with the Funky Buddha Tropical Hard Seltzer Mix Pack, packed with lush, Florida-inspired flavors, including Exotic Passionfruit Dragonfruit, Rich Strawberry Papaya,  Bright Starfruit, and Smooth Pineapple Coconut.

Funky Buddha artwork
Funky Buddha artwork

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Funky Buddha Seltzer - Lemon Peach
Zesty Lemon Peach
This zesty fusion of lemon and peach flavors is bursting with bright, citrus acidity and fresh orchard sweetness. Get your funk on, baby.
Funky Buddha Seltzer - Blood Orange Black Cherry
Bold Blood Orange Black Cherry
Lifes a beach! This killer combination of fruit flavors creates a wave of bold citrus aroma followed by a smooth cherry-tinged finish.
Funky Buddha Seltzer - Raspberry Grapefruit
Lush Raspberry Grapefruit
Need a refresher? This surge of zesty grapefruit and tart raspberry flavors are sure to remind you of sun-soaked summer days.
Funky Buddha Seltzer - Mango Guava
Tropical Mango Guava
As Miami as a pink and orange sunset, these two fruits were made to go together. We’re just doing as nature intended

Funklightened Flavors Mix Pack

Funklightened Hard Seltzers That You Can’t Forget

Brewed with quality cane sugar, agave and available in four vibrant, natural flavors. Step up your seltzer game!

Tropical Flavors Mix Pack

A Tropical Funkadise For Your Mouth

A variety of lush, fruit-forward flavors inspired by the hot-hot heat of the tropics and the radical sunshine of the Florida coast.

Funky Buddha Seltzer - Strawberry Papaya
Rich Strawberry Papaya
A mouthwatering mix of ripe strawberry and smooth papaya flavors will keep the good vibes flowing. What time is it?! Island time.
Funky Buddha Seltzer - Passionfruit Dragonfruit
Exotic Passionfruit Dragon Fruit
Who was the first person to look at a dragon fruit - or the gooey insides of passionfruit - and think, "I want to eat that?" We're not sure, but this exotic flavored seltzer is a salute to that brave and funky soul
Smooth Pineapple Coconut
As smooth as a cool beach breeze, sun-kissed pineapple and coconut flavors transport your taste buds to a tropical funkadise
Bright Starfruit
Starfruit is an exotic and unique looking fruit often found growing in South Florida backyards. Funky Buddha seltzerfied that fruit experience in a flavor that shines bright like the Florida sun

Coconut artwork

Hard Seltzer Jams

Turn Up The Funk

Funky Buddha is all about good vibes. We pack them into every can, and now you can get them pouring out of your speakers, too. Kick back, relax, and turn down the noise—and turn up the funk!

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