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I’m So Excited, I’m So Scared ’90s Bottle Release Party

Channel your inner Jessie and sing like Hot Sundae!

We’re celebrating the release of I’m So Excited, I’m So Scared with a 90s bottle release party on December 16th starting 8pm. Our imperial coffee stout is our ode to a now infamous ’90s meltdown. This ferociously coffee-d imperial stout is just like grabbing a booth at The Max, then hunkering down for a study sesh’ with a big pot o’ joe. The coffee aroma is so good it’ll have you yelling “FRESH POTS!” Rock and roll? You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Come decked out in your best 90s inspired outfit and sing karaoke while your favorite tv show clips are projected around the tap room. Sign up for our karaoke contest or enter our costume raffle at the merch counter for a chance to win free bottles! Both raffle and contest will begin at 9 PM. (Karaoke will be limited to first 15 sign-ups) Two raffle winners will be chosen and only one karaoke winner can prevail!