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Fire in the Hole

We Spit Hot Fire 

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Fire in the Hole Details

Red Ale with Raspberries and Habanero

Flavor Profile
Ale > Fruit Ale
Deep Amber

About Fire in the Hole

Pull the pin, count to four, and get ready to feel an explosion of sweet raspberry and spicy habanero flavor. No need to worry about collateral damage or capsaicin shrapnel since this red ale has just enough malt body to strike a balance between fruity, sweet, and spicy. Making it the jam to your jelly, baby.

Pairing Suggestions

Cheddar, gouda, muenster, or pecorino cheeses, mixed greens salad with nuts and goat cheese, goat curry, roast venison, broiled mahi mahi, barbecue pork shoulder, spaghetti bolognese, vanilla cheesecake.

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