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Undefeated Saison is Finally Coming!

It’s finally coming! Undefeated Saison will be released this year in the tap room in 750ml bottles!
This beer is our ode to greatness: In the summer of 1972, Miami’s own pro football team began a campaign of perfection that no other organization had ever achieved – or has ever matched. Undefeated Saison is our tribute to that legendary team. 
The story goes that each year, after the last of the undefeated pro football teams falls, members of the 1972 squad all raise a glass of bubbly in unison to toast their still-unmatched achievement. We sought to create a beer suitable for that legendary and oft-discussed toast. And so we came up with Undefeated Saison – a crisp and refreshing french countryside ale brewed with grape must and champagne yeast. The saison yeast creates a dry, crisp character while the grape must adds a touch of wine-like fruitiness. We bottled this beer in 750ml wine bottles and conditioned it naturally in the bottle with additional champagne yeast, producing a spritzy body with tight, crisp Co2 bubbles. 
This 7.7% saison will be released shortly after the last of the undefeated pro football teams falls this season. Stay tuned to social media channels for an exact date. It will be available in the tap room only at a cost of $14 per bottle.
Update: We’re getting too thirsty to keep having to wait around for Undefeated Saison, so in the interest of speeding up the proceedings we’ve put a bounty on the Panthers’ perfect record. Whichever head coach beats the panthers will get the first bottle of Undefeated Saison 2015 as their prize.