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Turtle Power for James Edwards

“So I don’t often post things about the Funky Buddha on here, as I try and keep business stuff business and my personal life separate. Most of my comments are either sarcastic or extremely sarcastic. That being said, we are doing something at the brewery that is really important and I hope as many of you can come be a part of it, or help contribute in your own way. 

For those of you who don’t know, on May 30th a two-year-old boy names James Edwards from Coral Springs nearly drowned at his home. He was given CPR until the paramedics arrived and took him to the hospital where he is currently being cared for. 

Now maybe it is because we grew up in Coral Springs, or our brewery staff is currently going through baby fever with new kids popping out daily, or maybe because this awesome kid loves the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (who doesn’t). Either way, it hit home and we are trying to help the only way we know how: with beer. 

Yesterday we started our “Turtle” inspired beer. It’s an English Milk Porter brewed with chocolate, caramel and pecans. Our friend, homebrewer, and Pro Bowl punter Brandon Fields came in to help with the brew (and even gave our brewer Pip some pointers). We’ve never brewed this beer before, so we are hoping it turns out great. If not, we hope you buy it and act like it is.

We will be debuting this beer Sunday, July 20th and 100% of all the sales of this beer will be going to Turtle Power for James Edwards. We will also be selling a limited number of growlers to take home. We will be making an event on our facebook page, and I will attach it to mine as well. If you can’t make it but would like to help, you can click on their facebook page to see other ways you can contribute.



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