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Sticky Treats & Sticky Nuts Release Party on 4/20

Get ready to treat yo’ self on 4/20!

Sticky Treats rice and marshmallow blonde ale returns to the tap room in four-packs alongside the first ever bottle release of Sticky Nuts. This special version of our mallowed out blonde ale is treated with tons of roasted peanuts. We’re celebrating these brewery exclusive releases with a super dank launch party on 4/20! Well have a Rice Crispy Flight Pairing, marshmallow launcher games, and more. Here’s a breakdown of all the goodness:

  • Sticky Treats 4-pack $12.99 (Rice blonde ale with vanilla)
  • Sticky Nuts 22oz Bottle $8 (Rice blonde ale with vanilla and peanuts)
  • Marshmallow Launcher Contest starting at 3pm

Rice Crispy Flight Pairing

Toasted Sesame Sticky Treat with seared tuna
paired with Chardonnay Barrel-Aged Tripel Lindy

Strawberry and Vanilla Sticky Treat
paired with Sticky Treats

Nutter Bacon Reese’s Puffs Sticky Treat
paired with Sticky Nuts

Smoky Ancho Cinnamon Sticky Treat with Shaved Dark Chocolate
paired with Whiskey Barrel-aged Uncle Vucub