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Saint Toddy Bottle Release on November 23rd

Hot damn! We’re coming at you with another great winter release to celebrate the season.

Saint Toddy is an apple brandy barrel-aged Belgian style-tripel with oranges, apples, raisins, cinnamon, and vanilla that can actually be served warm. Slowly heat the beer in a double boiler topped with freshly ground cinnamon and serve hot for a traditional, luxurious experience or drink cold and savor the season.

The hot toddy was our inspiration behind this complex brew. It’s a rich and rejuvenating elixir made with whiskey and/or brandy, citrus, herbs, spices and served warm. Traditionally consumed before retiring for the night, or in wet, cold weather. In classic funky fashion, we gathered all the natural ingredients we could to develop a recipe to match the flavor profile of this classic drink. Belgian ale, apple brandy barrels, fruits, spices and voilà! We have Saint Toddy.

22oz bottles will be available exclusively at the Oakland Park tap room on Saturday, November 23rd for $20 each along with 16oz can 4-packs of El Camino Haze NEIPA. We’ll also be serving Saint Toddy warm at the bar that day only!