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New Tanks Are on Their Way

“We need more beer!” That’s the collective cry we’ve heard from people all over about Funky Buddha’s unique brews. So we’re answering in the only way we know how: with three new 120 barrel beer tanks from Metalcraft Fabrication in Portland arriving on March 11! These tanks will double our current capacity, allowing us to expand even further. 

We’ll post more pics when these tanks arrive and get placed. But this is exciting news for us, as it means continued expansion throughout the state of Florida and bigger batches of our special releases will soon be on the way. That means more bars and restaurants will be carrying more of our special release beers to keep the thirsty masses sated!

Two of these tanks are fementation vessels, and will be used exclusively to brew Hop Gun IPA and Floridian Hefeweizen, our two flagships. The third vessel is a brite beer tank, which allows us to clarify, carbonate, and package our beer. 

We’re very excited to be expanding so quickly! We’d like to thank all of those who drink our beer! The best is yet to come.