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Funky Buddha is all up in their Short’s

UPDATE 12/3/15: Listen to Short’s Cast with Funky Buddha Brewery!

Announcing our collaboration with Michigan’s one and only Short’s Brewing! We will be collaborating on a special brew with Short’s that is actually two beers – a strong ale we brewed with cherries up in Bellaire, Michigan in August, and an orange, yarrow, and rosemary gruit we are brewing this Friday with the Short’s crew here! The beers will be barrel-aged and blended together, then released for the first time at Extreme Beer Festival in Boston.

Celebrate our collab with Short’s this Friday as we invite you to “Get All Up in Our Short’s… a collaborative tap event.” We’ll have one dozen Short’s beers on tap (a first in Florida) along with several cool tappings of ours, and some unique beer pairings. The fun starts 12/4 at 7pm. See you there!


Full Tap List:

Short’s Brewing Company Beers:

  • Huma Lupa Licious (American IPA)
  • Soft Parade (Fruit Rye Ale brewed with strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries)
  • Space Rock (Gluten reduced Pale Ale)
  • 600 #s of Sin (Sour Stout)
  • Funky is as Funky Does (Brett IPA)
  • Dubble Down (Belgian Dubbel)
  • Lil Wheezy (Hoppy Amber Lager)
  • Zangief’s Bearhug (Russian Imperial Stout)
  • Queen Bee (Imperial Amber brewed with star thistle honey)
  • Through the Smoke (Smoked Pale Ale)
  • Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster (Belgian IPA)
  • Squishy (Semi-sweet cider made with Michigan cherries)

Funky Buddha Beers:

  • Floridian
  • Hop Gun
  • On Top Blond
  • OP Porter
  • Fuhgeddaboudit Red
  • Raspberry Nikolai Vorlauf
  • Lemon Meringue
  • Raspberry Floridian
  • Rum Barrel Aged Piña Colada
  • Saaz Matters
  • Small Axe Big IPA
  • Tripel Lindy
  • Nitro Nib Smuggler