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Beers For The Biz


Together, we made a difference!
With your help, we’ve raised $24,000 through our Beers For The Biz program for CORE to help families in the food and beverage industry affected by COVID-19.

And it doesn’t stop there. CORE has directed $50k to Floridians in the form of grants and funds to assist families with paying their rent, mortgage, utility bills, and groceries, to provide relief while navigating life in the pandemic, with plans to provide additional support to Floridians who qualify. Please continue to support Beers For The Biz by donating and encouraging food & beverage workers with children who have been afflicted by COVID-19 to apply for aid.

Thank you all for the love and support to help this great community and families across the country. Cheers for a million years!

Beers For The Biz is a project started by Funky Buddha Brewery to bring aid and awareness to families in the service industry affected by COVID-19. Proceeds from each case of Funky Buddha beer sold in April will be donated to CORE™: CHILDREN OF RESTAURANT EMPLOYEES, a non-profit organization dedicated to serving food and beverage service employees with children, who are faced with medical diagnosis, illness, injury or affected by a natural disaster and are in need of help.

How To Help

About Beers For The Biz

The effects of COVID-19 and the efforts to combat its spread have been far reaching. The food and beverage industry and those who work in it have been uniquely and disproportionately effected, with restaurant and bar closures putting millions out of work.

As a local craft brewery and tap room, Funky Buddha owes so much of its success to the men and women in the service industry. They’ve poured our beers and shared our passion. Now it’s our time to give back and help those in the biz who need it most. Beers For The Biz will raise funds for those affected by COVID-19 by donating proceeds to CORE™: CHILDREN OF RESTAURANT EMPLOYEES. Funky Buddha also hopes to bring awareness to CORE programs so that affected families can apply for support. Together we can make a strong impact and raise awareness in the process.

Find out more about how CORE supports families in the service industry.

The Goal
Funky Buddha Brewery will donate $ 1 per case of beer sold in April to CORE, which will provide direct assistance to service industry workers, with children, who have been medically diagnosed with or live in a household with a family member diagnosed with COVID-19. $20,000 of that donation will be made immediately so that CORE can begin helping families right away. Through fundraising and awareness, our goal is to provide $1000 grants for 40 families of food and beverage workers.

Funky Buddha will also pledge to find additional ways to support the service industry in Florida during this critical time.

Other Initiatives
In effort to assist those in the food and beverage industry, Funky Buddha will also pledge to do the following:

  • Through the end of April, all Funky Buddha tap room servers, bartenders, kitchen, and events staff will be retained and paid in full. Funky Buddha will continue to evaluate the situation surrounding COVID-19 and make adjustments to this policy as necessary.
  • To continue to support those food & beverage businesses that remain open, Constellation Brands and Funky Buddha will allow all of its staff to use their annual product allowance to purchase take out and to-go food at restaurants, and will increase each employees allowance by $100.
  • Constellation Brands and Funky Buddha will match all personal donations by its employees made to CORE and other charities 1:1.
  • We pledge to continue to look for opportunities to help those in need in Florida and will update our initiatives regularly.
  • For more see Constellation Brands COVID-19 Relief Efforts

Additional Resources

Read stories about families assisted by CORE

Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s COVID-19 Resource Center

National Restaurant Association’s Coronavirus Information and Resource Center

Hospitality Helping Hands West Palm Beach

About CORE
CORE, Children of Restaurant Employees, a 501c3 charitable organization that provides support to food & beverage service employees with children navigating life-altering circumstances and in need of help, on a daily basis. These circumstances includes medical condition diagnosis, injury or accident, death of an immediate family member, loss of home or business from a natural disaster.

In addition, and in a world of an unprecedented pandemic, CORE is providing grants to food & beverage service employees, with children, who have been medically diagnosed with or live in a household with a family member diagnosed with COVID-19 and the doctor requires the employee to quarantine. Recently furloughed employees also qualify if they meet the above criteria.