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Apple Brandy Barrel-Aged Muy Bonita Drops on May 19th!

We’re back at again with another delectable bottle to add to our ever growing portfolio of Living Barrel Series beers! 

Our current barrel cellar consists of over five hundred oak wine and spirit casks of all types. Each beer is sampled regularly to examine how the beer has matured and picked up characteristic of the barrel, which can lend everything from boozy complexity to subtle hints of spice and vanilla.

This month we’ll be releasing Apple Brandy Barrel-aged Muy Bonita! Our double brown ale flaunts a bodacious body and a stunning combination of real cinnamon, vanilla, and apples. The aroma features wave after wave of cinnamon and vanilla, and bottoms out on the back end with a copious dose of real apples. An extended stay inside brandy barrels lend soft oak flavors and a pleasant booze finish. Bottles and draft are set to be released exclusively in our tap room on May 19th. 22-ounce bombers will go on sale $20 a piece with limits TBD.

Stay tuned to our social media channels for more info on releases, events, and more!