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Hey Funky Fam – how would you like to earn a brand new Funky Buddha T-Shirt and promote Funky Buddha within the Constellation organization?

We’re looking for videos showing how you practice conscious consumption for a wellness initiative to be featured on OpenBar. These videos should be shot candidly via phone and be around :30 seconds in length. Any Funky employee who submits a video before Tuesday, April 27th will receive a new branded Funky Buddha T-Shirt.

Please submit videos to Consider working in Funky Buddha Premium Hard Seltzer, with only 90 calories and 0g carbs per 12oz serving.


  • IPhone style video approx. 30 seconds talking about how you practice conscious consumption while enjoying our products. Here’s a sample of what that could look like.
  • Enjoying the outdoor weather, picnic in the backyard and make it an experience about sipping casually, relaxing, snacking and catching up with friends and family.
  • You might walk to a local bar or restaurant and plan for a safe ride home
  • You use a health tracker for eats & alcoholic drinks to stay in that moderate zone because staying fit is part of keeping a balanced lifestyle.
  • You might be a “drink spacer” where as a practice you drink water in between enjoying our products.
  • You are good about eating before drinking and noshing on healthy snacks while enjoying our products
  • You are good at mixology and also like an occasional mocktail to start or in between enjoying our products.
  • You plan ahead and already have your Uber or Lyft scheduled for a pick up.