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Saaz Matters

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Pilsner with Saaz Hops

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About Saaz Matters

Our house Pilsner is brewed with traditional “noble” Saaz hops for a beautiful earthy, herbal aroma and a dry, crisp, and refreshing finish. It’s made each year around Oktoberfest, and available at the brewery only.

Pairing Suggestions

Mild Edam or Monterey Jack, Angel hair pasta in a lemon-pepper cream sauce, Grilled oysters, Raw little neck clams, Grilled razor clams with lemon & olive oil, Tabbouleh with grapefruit & mandarin wedges, Mutton Biryani, Yellowtail snapper en papillote with lemon and dill, Garlic and butter sautéed spinach, Lemon meringue pie (DUH!), French fried russet potatoes with white truffle oil.

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